Kaleidoscope Hearts by Claire Contreras

Kaleidoscope Hearts by Claire Contreras

Published January 20, 2015

Genres New Adults, Romance, Contemporary Romance

Pages 295

Buy on Amazon http://amzn.to/21he1pJ


Kaleidoscope Hearts is based around two main characters, Estelle or Elle and Oliver. In the beginning of the book, we learn that Elle has previously been engaged and her fiance died about a year ago. She is in the process of selling the house they lived in together and the moving in with her brother, Victor, temporarily while she looks for a new house. She keeps the art studio that she co-owned with her fiance, Wyatt. Oliver is one of her brother Victor’s best friends. Although they have a history together, they were never supposed to be together. Victor specifically warned all of his friends to stay away from his sister. They had always had a strong attraction to each other and a deep bond, but Oliver had previously left for 4 years and he has a reputation for not committing and having relationships. After Elle moves in with her brother, she realizes that Oliver is now back in their city. The attraction to him is even stronger this time but she is very concerned that he will leave her more damaged this time, especially after everything she has been through.

This was the first book I read by Claire Contreras and I instantly loved it. The description on the book is vague, as many are, so I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting into. I thought the book was very well written and the characters are very developed. In addition to getting to know Elle and Oliver very well, we also get to know Elle’s brother Victor and her best friend, Mia. The author does a great job at letting us get to know now only them, but their relationships as well. This book dealt with many things including loss and love, moving on, friends and family. I really enjoyed getting to know Elle and Oliver’s relationship as it progressed throughout the book. This book is written from Elle’s perspective and although it flips back and forth from past to present, it is mainly in the present. The author goes back to explain previous encounters and Elle’s relationship with Wyatt. Overall I really enjoyed this book. I found the story to the be realistic, as sometimes romance novels can be a little over the top and I didn’t feel that way about this book at all. I only found one sentence in the book that made me cringe; I usually find at least once in new adult books where I think, “What?! People don’t speak or act like that.” Overall, it was a good love story, with developed characters and I really enjoyed the ending. This book does contain sexual content, but I find that Claire Contreras knows that there is a fine line between adding sexual content into a romance and it boarding on erotica. She does a very good job not crossing that line. If you enjoy this book, then I highly suggest you go on to read the second book, “Paper Hearts.” Like I stated, they are stand alone novels, but “Paper Hearts” is the story of Mia and Jensen, who are a part of Kaleidoscope Hearts.

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