Elastic Hearts by Claire Contreras


Elastic Hearts by Claire Contreras

Published  on March 20, 2016

Genres New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Pages 330

Buy on Amazon http://amzn.to/1LBnmHv

Elastic Hearts is the 3rd book in the Hearts series, although all 3 books are stand alone novels, they involve some of the same characters in each book. Elastic Hearts revolves around two main characters, Victor Reuben, who is a high profile divorce attorney in L.A. and Nicole Alessi, Victor’s boss’s daughter. Victor is assigned Nicole’s divorce from a high profile Hollywood actor because her father cannot represent her. Victor tries to turn down the job because many years before he was briefly involved with Nicole casually, but his boss Will promises to make him partner if he handles the case well, something he has always been working towards. The problem is  there is still a great deal of chemistry between them, which causes a great deal of problems.

I was really excited for this book as I love the first two books, Kaleidoscope Hearts and Paper Hearts, but I have to say I was disappointed. And that is the first time I have said that in regards to any of Clarie’s books. This book started out very interesting, however, by the time I had read 50% of the book, I realized nothing had really happened. I mean there was a great deal of sexual tension and we get to know the character and what they are going through, but nothing really happens. Also, I find that most New Adult and Contemporary Romance books usually have some sort of conflict/climaxing event like 60-70% of the way through that the characters have to work through. And that did not happen in this book. I was excited to read about some of my favorite characters from the first two books (Estelle & Oliver, Mia & Jensen) and although they were in this book, I felt the author just put them in random spots so they were in the book. If you read Paper Hearts, you know that Mia and Jensen live in New York, not L.A. Yet they were randomly in L.A. 3 times in about a span of 2 weeks. And if you read Paper Hearts, you now that there is no way they moved back to L.A. full time. I also didn’t feel like I really got to know the characters as well as in her past books and the story line just kind of fell flat. It felt rushed, like the author rushed to write and complete this book.

My other complainant is the huge amount of grammatical errors in the Kindle version of this book. The author self publishes, which I think is amazing, however, this book has so many errors. I don’t know who the proofreader was but they failed. I found at least 10 big mistakes in the first half of the book, which I can’t stand.

Overall, if you are a fan of the author’s work and a fan of the Hearts series, I say read the book. I did enjoy it and it was nice to hear Victor’s story after reading the first two books. There was just a lot of hype surrounding the release of this book and it just didn’t meet my expectations.


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