The Beach by Alex Garland


The Beach by Alex Garland

Published February 1, 1998 by Riverhead Books

Genres Fiction, Thriller, Travel, Mystery

Pages 448

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The Beach focuses on the main character of Richard, who finds a map to a hidden beach paradise while traveling in Thailand. After becoming friends with two other travelers, they set out on an adventure to find this beach. After discovering the seemingly “Edenic paradise” on a island in a Thai National Park, Richard soon finds that it’s not as much as a paradise as he first thought. He comes to learn that sometimes civilized behavior tends to break down in a situation such as this, cut off from modern society, that the utopia that the founders tried to create here is harder to maintain then he originally believed.

Now first I have to say that besides being a very avid reader, I also love movies. The Beach is one of my favorite movies and for some reason I was unaware that it was of course based on a book. I have seen the movie probably 20 times, so I was afraid that might ruin the book for me. However, I was very wrong. First, like a lot of book to movie adaptations, the movie is much different from the book, the plot line is not the same, huge scenes are left out or changed and a great deal of detail is missing in the movie. Second, I have to say that although I was impressed by Garland’s writing, I imagine that not everyone would enjoy this book. Garland has a unique writing style and it is also very descriptive. Even if you have never seen the movie, the way he paints the picture of the beach and lagoon is amazing. I feel like I can see the whole layout of the island. There are part of this book that are quite violent and Garland’s writing made them stand out to me that much more.

Richard is the only character that I feel like I really got to know, although we do learn a lot about the other characters involved, there are so many people interacting with Richard on a daily basis. It would have been difficult for the author to describe each one of them in as much detail as Richard. The book is told from Richard’s point of view and starts off when he arrives in Thailand before ever meeting Daffy or acquiring the map to the beach. The “feel” of the writing, is that Richard is writing this story a year or two after is happened, but then some chapters sounds more present tense. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it worked really well. The book is also broken down into both sections and then chapters within those sections.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book; it’s a lot different then what I have been reading lately. If you have seen the movie, the book is  not only a lot different, but I also enjoyed it a lot more. The things the movie left out, make the book. The way it ends was absolutely perfect after the events leading up to the “climax”. It is most certainly a book I would recommend to anyone looking for something a bit different, happy reading!


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