July Wrap Up


So I read a total of 7 books this month. I had several arc’s again this month to read and this month was a bit busier, as summer usually is, so I didn’t have as much time to read. I think I said this last month, but I really do love getting advanced reading copies and free review copies from publishers and authors, but I always feel an obligation to read them quickly. Which is why my TBR list for the month usually changes or doesn’t get finished. I read some great books this month and would recommend several of them.

“An Ember In The Ashes” by Sabaa Tahir 5/5 stars

“You” by Caroline Kepnes 4/5 stars

“This Is Where It Ends” by Markieke Nijkamp 3/5 stars

“City of Fallen Angels” by Cassandra Clare 4/5 stars


“Afterward” by Jennifer Mathieu (ARC) 4/5 stars

“All The Ugly and Wonderful Things” by Bryn Greenwood (ARC) 4/5 stars

“And Then the Sky Exploded” by David A. Poulsen (ARC) 3/5 stars


I read some great books this month. I really enjoyed You and City of Fallen Angels. I have commitment issues when it comes to reading long series; I tend to take breaks in between books which is why it is taking me so long to finish The Moral Instruments series. My favorite book this month was An Ember In The Ashes that I read with one of my Goodreads book groups, Read With Tessa. I loved that the atmosphere of the book reminded me of Ancient Rome and I have the sequel A Torch Against the Night pre-ordered from Amazon so it will arrive promptly on the release day! I had someone ask recently why I don’t post reviews on my blog for ever ARC I read. I typically only post a review on my blog for ARCs if the publisher specifically requested it or if I really loved the book. However, I always post a full review of every book I read on Goodreads. What was your favorite book that you read during July?


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