Heartless by Winter Renshaw


Heartless by Winter Renshaw

Published August 3, 2016

Genres Romance, New Adult

Pages 271

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My obsession was born of innocence and good intentions and it began the day I spotted a handwritten journal lying in the bushes outside a townhouse on Lexington Avenue. It was raining sideways that morning and my intention was to return it the next day, safe and dry. Only I kept it. I kept it and I read it. A week later, overwhelmed with curiosity ad feeling guilty for harboring secrets that didn’t belong to me, I tried to return it. Only I wasn’t expecting to meet him. Unapologetically heartless and enigmatically sexy, he claims he knows  nothing about the journal I found outside his place, but the reticent glint in his blue-green gaze tells me otherwise. There’s something different about him; something damaged yet magical and I’m drawn to him, pulled into his orbit. There’s just one problem, the more I get to know him, the more I’m positive the journal belonged to him. And the more I find myself hoping, selfishly, that I’m wrong.

Alright, so I admit this isn’t my usual type of romance book. I do enjoy the new adult genre, but I lean more towards Colleen Hoover. I rarely like to compare authors, but once you read her books, it’s really hard not to compare them to anything else I read in the genre. This is the second book I have read by Winter Renshaw, the first being Rixton Falls. Heartless, similarly to Rixton Falls, is quite entertaining but just doesn’t compare to other books I have read in the genre. As an Amazon Prime member, I get to borrow one book a month from Amazon and this was one that sounded interesting to me. It’s also included in Amazon Kindle Unlimited as is Rixton Falls (that’s where I read it). Anyway, so we meet the main character Aidy after she has already found the journal and her sister Wren is trying to convince her to return the journal where she found it. We first meet Ave, when Aidy tried to drop the journal back off. They then have several seemingly random run ins with each other over the next week. Ace eventually asks her on a date and she agrees. The book is told from a first person perspective that switches back and forth between Aidy and Ace.

One problem I have with the book is that I was not informed that half the book was actually another free book. I admit, by about 20% in I had already figured out the twist, but still I got invested in the story and I was interested in the characters. So I kept thinking after the big problem/twist occurred, what else was going to happen since I was only at 48% and then the book ended. I was not super pleased about this. These is an epilogue that does wrap things up nicely and I did enjoy the way the book ended. I also really like Aidy as a character, she was strong, funny and independent. The second thing I didn’t really like was the way this author writes sex scenes. I know, again, I don’t like comparing authors but after reading Colleen Hoover, it’s hard not to. I am not a fan of 50 Shades of Grey type sex scenes, just not my thing. Hoover has always made sex scenes, sexy and amazing, without them being, creepy? I don’t know what other word to use. There are certain words and terms I am just not a fan of in my reading. Overall, it was an interesting read and I did get invested in the characters and the plot line. Just know that if you buy this as a Kindle book ($0.99) that the book is only 271 pages and then another one of her books is included free. Happy reading!

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