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I, not only had the opportunity to receive and review the book Separated by Shane Peacock, but also had the opportunity to do an author Q&A with him. Separated, which is part of The Seven Prequels Box Set, but can also be read as a stand alone, was released on September 20, 2016 and are prequels to the Last Message and Double You by Shane Peacock.

Book Synopsis:

Separated by Shane Peacock is based around the main character Adam, who travels to Sweden with his grandfather. On his way there, Adam reads that Swedes have a darker past, and present, than he ever imagined. Then he finds himself alone and separated from his grandfather in busy Stockholm. He is followed by unsmiling strangers, chased by ghosts down alleyways and constantly watched by the strangest girl he’s ever seen. And then another terror, perhaps bigger than the terror of being lost. You can read my full review of the book here.

Author Bio:

Shane Peacock was born in 1957 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, one of four brothers. He attended school in the northern town of Kapuskasing, before attending university, where he studied history and English Literature. A biographer, journalist and screenwriter, he is also the author of six novels and three plays, and has been nominated for numerous awards including several National Magazine Awards and the Arthur Ellis Award for crime fiction. When not writing, Shane Peacock enjoys playing hockey with his three children and watching sumo wrestling. He lives near Cobourg, Ontario.


Author Q&A

1. What does your writing space look like?
 I write in my office at home in our brick Victorian home in the country (really the woods) in southern Ontario. It looks kind of spooky from the outside, but is really a great family home. I like quiet and tend to shut my door and really inhabit my stories, often reading my work aloud as I write. My kids grew up listening to strange voices from beyond that door!
2. When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?
I think many writers know they want to write from a very young age. That wasn’t the case with me. I wanted to play hockey, play sports, do all those “boy” things. But my interest in Literature grew throughout high school and by the time I reached university I knew I wanted to be an author. Strangely, given the fact that I often write for young people, in some ways I kind of skipped the interest in YA literature that most kids who become writers experience, and went straight to the likes of Dickens and Shakespeare, who are still great influences and appear in some of my stories.
3. Are you working on any new projects right now?
This year I have three books out – the first novel in a Teen Gothic Horror series set in late Victorian England and Scotland called “The Dark Missions of Edgar Brim,” my first picture book, “The Artist and Me,” about a child who bullies Vincent Van Gogh, and “Separated” for the Seven Prequels. It is very unusual for me to have more than one book out in a year, some years I don’t have any. I like to take my time. But I am working on a number of other projects already – the second Edgar Brim, entitled “Monster,” a new picture book and a novel for adults.
4. What books have you read recently?
 I just finished reading the definitive biography of Paul McCartney, by Phillip Norman, and a massive (1,100 pages) critically acclaimed novel by David Foster Wallace “Infinite Jest,” pretty amazing. I’ve also been reading lots of classic horror novels for my “Edgar Brim” trilogy, including “Frankenstein” and “Dracula.” Next up, I going to finally get around to some John Green, to see what that is all about!
5. What was your favorite part about writing Separated?
I loved writing “Separated” for several reasons. It was my first Middle Grade novel, so it was fun writing something a bit shorter and snappier, for a slightly younger age group than usual for me. I also like getting inside this character (Adam’s) head. He is an interesting guy, kind of sensitive about things though outwardly denying it, generally pretty intense about life. It was fun going back in time with him, to when he was just 13. It was also fun setting the story in Sweden. And it was particularly intriguing telling a story about Adam getting lost. I think that is one of the most terrifying things in life: to get “separated” from your parents or loved ones when you are a child, especially a sudden separation where you are in a crowd and in a moment can’t find them. Truly petrifying. That’s what happens in “Separated,” but you will have to read it to see what happens!
Thanks to the author, Shane Peacock, for taking time to answer a few questions. Make sure you head on over to Orca Books to read more about the Seven Prequels and order your box set today!

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