The Well Life by Briana & Dr. Peter Borten

The Well Life: How To Use Structure, Sweetness and Space to Create Balance, Happiness and Peace by Briana & Dr. Peter Borten

Published December 2, 2016 by Adam’s Media Corporation

Genres Non-Fiction, Self Improvement

Pages 288

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The Well Life focuses on three simple principles for creating a balanced and satisfying life, while explaining that the secret to living an exceptional life is finding balance. The authors, Briana & Dr. Peter Borten, have included a variety of strategies that you can use to achieve this all-important balance in your life, even when living in a stressful lifestyle. The Bortens focus on three fundamental principles to a satisfying life; Sweetness, which they explain as learning the importance of feeding your life, body and soul. Structure, which they explain is finding out how intelligent structure can give you more freedom and spontaneity and how you can liberate yourself from an excessively busy life. And space, where they explain how to carve out purposeful space, which allows for individual perspective and hopefully an understanding of the big picture and your place in it. There theory in this book is that by adding and maintaining sweetness, structure and space, you will be able to let go of the stress and tension that gets in the way of being happy, authentic and fulling present in your life.

The Well Life is divided into 3 parts; Foundation, Resources for Thriving and Who Are You And What Do You Want?, that are then divided into several chapters. In the first part, Foundation, the authors talk about the three elements mentioned above, practices for mind-body health and freeing yourself of emotional baggage. In the second part, Resources for Thriving, the authors talk about energy, confidence and community. In the third part, Who Are You and What Do You Want, the authors talk about finding out what “lights you up”, defining what will make your “well life”, opening up your life, connecting to spirit and integrating your well life. Each chapter talks about the specific topics, gives some facts about it, presents questions you can ask yourself to help you in that specific area and then gives some tips on how to improve that area of your life.

I have read many books about health, happiness and finding joy in your life. This book covers many topics that I have read about in many other books. The book has a good approach and the chapters are easy to read and do provide some good tips and ideas about to find balance and happiness in your life. Most of the books I have read in this area in the past are Christian based books, which is fine for me as I am a Christian. But it is also nice to read books from a different perspective about these topics. I found that this book was well rounded on the topics it presented and it contained practical advice about to practice a better mind-better connection and how to find balance and peace in your life. Thank you to the publisher for sending me a review copy of this book. Happy reading!

Also, if you are interested in pre-0rdering this book before the release date on December 2, 2016, the publisher is offering several gifts for per-ordering the book. You can pre-order the book and find more information about it here.

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