The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda

The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda

Published May 16th, 2017 by Simon & Schuster

Genres Thriller, Mystery, Fiction

Pages 384

Amazon / Amazon Canada / Goodreads

I absolutely loved Megan Miranda’s book All The Missing Girls so I was so excited to read this book.

Our main character, Leah Stevens, has been working as a successful journalist in Boston, when the backlash from a story results in a restraining order and a threat of a lawsuit. Leah decides she needs to leave Boston and start over somewhere when she runs into her old friend and former roommate, Emmy Grey. Emmy has just left a failed relationship and also wants a fresh start, so she suggests that they move together to rural Pennsylvania. Leah agrees to the move and finds herself in a teaching position at the local high school. Shortly after moving, a woman who looks very similar to Leah is found assaulted and unconscious by the lake and Emmy then disappears days later. Leah waits a few days before reporting Emmy missing, since she does have a bit of a wandering personality. Kyle Donovan, a handsome young detective, also new to town, takes on Emmy’s missing person case. As the investigation into both Emmy’s disappearance and the assault by the lake continue, Leah starts to wonder if she really ever knew Emmy at all. The police can’t seem to track down any friends or family and Emmy has left no paper or digital trail at all. As the police start to question Leah’s credibility, she decides to start digging into Emmy’s past herself in order to clear her own name.

I liked this book from the very beginning. Just like in All The Missing Girls, I was very interested in the story line from the very beginning. I liked Leah’s character and felt that throughout the book, we slowly got to know her as her past slowly comes to light. As Leah begins digging into Emmy’s past, she also starts telling her backstory and the events that lead to her leaving Boston. I really liked that her character never gave up, even when the police started to question her credibility during the investigation. I had a theory about what was going on with Emmy’s disappearance for a good potion of the book and was quite surprised when I found I was incorrect. I also really liked the setting of this book in the sleepy, rural town in Western Pennsylvania where everyone seems to have grown up there and Leah is still trying to settle into the community. I loved the plot line and I really, really liked the ending, which I am always quite critical about. I really don’t like books that leave open endings or don’t tie everything up. This was a great follow-up to All The Missing Girls and I very much encourage you to pre-order the book; it is released on May 17! And while you are waiting, read All The Missing Girls! Happy reading!



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