The River at Night by Erica Ferencik

The River at Night by Erica Ferencik

Published January 10, 2017 by Gallery/Scout Press

Genres Thriller, Suspense

Pages 304

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The River at Night follows 4 best friends; Wini, Pia, Sandra and Rachel as they gather together for their annual girls trip. This year Pia has planned for them to go white water rafting in the remote Maine wilderness on a river that has not been frequently rafted. The trip starts out as a beautiful hiking and rafting trip into the Allagash Wilderness that is about 35 miles from the nearest town. After an accident, the women find themselves stranded and have lost their raft that was carrying all of their supplies. While desperately trying to find a way to orient themselves and survive in the unfamiliar forest, they see smoke in the night air and hike into a crumbling camp that they think will be their saving. They soon find out that the complete opposite is true and they will need to work together if they plan on surviving.

The story is told from Wini’s perspective and when we meet her in the beginning of the book she is sad, fearful and lonely from the things that have happened in her life over the past year. We get to know a bit about each of the 4 main characters as the story begins, but we really get to know them on a deeper level as the story progresses. We also find out things from their background that have not only shaped each woman, but also shaped their friendships. The pace of the book is pretty steady and I never found myself becoming bored, even in the beginning when the story line was a bit slower. I really enjoyed that this book had multiple genres and themes wrapped into the same book; thriller, suspense, survival, friendship, etc. I don’t want to give away any spoilers about the plot so I won’t say much except that as mentioned before, the woman find themselves stranded and without any supplies after a rafting accident. What follows is their attempt to not only survive, but to also find their way out of the dense, unfamiliar wilderness. I was expecting a different ending, not that their was anything wrong with this one, it just felt a bit anti-climatic to me after the suspense throughout the book. I did enjoy the ending, it’s just not what I expected. Overall, this was a great book and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the thriller or suspense genres. Happy reading!

Thank you to the publisher, Gallery/Scout Press for sending me an advanced reading copy of this book!


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