Love Warrior: A Memoir by Glennon Doyle Melton

Love Warrior: A Memoir by Glennon Doyle Melton

Published September 6, 2016

Genres Memoir, Non-Fiction, Marriage

Pages 272

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I never followed Glennon Doyle Melton’s blog, but I saw some of my friends and relatives raving about her writing and speaking events, so that is why I picked up her first book, Carry On, Warrior last year. I loved Carry On, Warrior, you can read my review for that book here. So when she announced she was releasing a second book, Love Warrior, I was really excited. I’m very particular about the type of memoirs I read and it’s not a genre that I frequently read, but I loved her first book so much, I pre-ordered Love Warrior immediately. Overall, I give this book 3 stars.

While Carry On, Warrior was a collection of her blog postings in book format, dealing with everything from addiction to marriage to Christianity and having children. Love Warrior is the story of her self-discovery through the crumbling of her marriage due to her husband’s infidelity. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this book, but I loved her first book so I figured I would also love this one. I didn’t. It wasn’t bad, I just found a lot of things in the writing and the story itself that I didn’t really enjoy. I feel this may be an unpopular opinion, as the book has fairly high ratings on most platforms.

The book is broken into 3 parts; the Part 1 once again goes over Glennon’s struggle with addiction, how Craig and her got together and what led to them getting married. Part 2 begins with their early domestic lives after getting married and the problems that arose, including Glennon finding out that her husband has been unfaithful to her since a month after their wedding Part 3 goes into the struggle that follows her finding out about Craig’s cheating. This book took me quite a while to finish and although there were certainly parts that I really enjoyed, as I do like Glennon’s writing, there was far more that I didn’t enjoy.

For me, the book seems to get a bit repetitive. I am familiar with addiction and know what a struggle it is, but I feel like she just keeps talking about it every other sentence. After a while I just kept thinking, “Yes, we understand, you are an alcoholic and an addict Got it.” I know that might sound harsh but one you explain something to someone 50 times, it starts to get a bit annoying. That might sound harsh, but that’s what I was thinking while reading the book. She kept talking saying she was so worried about her children, but then spend the majority of the book talking about herself and trying to teach herself self-love. This of course is important, but I just felt like she was contradicting herself. It was interesting to hear about her early domestic like with her husband and how she adapted and got into blogging and writing. Around Chapter 8, Glennon finds porn on the family computer and that is how she eventually finds out about the infidelity while at therapy with her husband.

Here are my problems with the book. First, I understand that is was her decision to write this book but it felt way too intimate to me, like I didn’t need to read in detail about the first time she had sex with her husband again after finding out and resolving to stay married. It just didn’t feel necessary. If this book was written to help people in similar situations move forward and not break up their marriage, I guess I can understand why she added in so many intimate details. And I certainly won’t criticize another woman’s decision in regards to her marriage, but if my husband admitted that he not only had a porn addiction, but had been sleeping with a variety of random women for 10 years of our marriage, I’m not sure I would stay around to see what happened. So maybe because of my personal opinion, I was reading the book thinking, “Yeah. Okay.” Second, I have a problem with some of the ways she refers to Christianity and the way she talks about God in some parts. I am a Christian, a practicing Christian and some of the things she talks about just go against core Christian values and beliefs.

There of course were things I enjoyed about this book. I am big on forgiveness and believe it’s something that everyone should practice in their own lives. This book focuses a lot on forgiveness, as well as trust and family. All of these are very important and I enjoyed reading about them. I also found it interesting to read about she personally dealt with some of these things. I feel like I really enjoyed the first part of the book where she discussed finding out she was pregnant, getting married and their early life together. And I of course found some good advice throughout the book in relation to family and love. But overall, I was fairly disappointed with this book. I feel like her writing and views have changed a lot from her earlier blogging and her first book, which of course happens. Writers evolve and change; her writing just changed in a way that I no longer really enjoy. However, I still highly recommend reading Carry On, Warrior as I really, truly loved her first book. Happy reading!

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