The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon

The Law of Moses (The Law of Moses #1) by Amy Harmon

Published November 27, 2014

Genres Romance, New Adult, Paranormal

Pages 333

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“If I tell you right up front, right in the beginning that I lost him, it will be easier for you to bear. You will know it’s coming, and it will hurt. But you’ll be able to prepare.”

This is the first book I have read by Amy Harmon and I can tell you that it was not at all what I thought it would be. I very rarely cry when reading books, but this book made me cry. The book is based around the 2 main characters Georgia and Moses, both living in a rural town in Utah. Georgia is 17, loves horses and helps out with her parent’s equine therapy program on their small ranch.  Moses is 18, was abandoned by his mother at a laundry mat when he was a baby and had bounced around between different family members before coming to live with his great-grandma, who happens to live next door to Georgia’s family. When Georgia’s family hires Moses to do work around their ranch the summer before senior year, Georgia finds herself drawn to him, even when Moses tries again and again to unsuccessfully push her away. Moses even warns her that he is messed up and that she needs to stay away from him, yet she of course doesn’t listen. What follows will change both of their lives forever.

So the synopsis on this book is fairly vague, but I love a good romance/new adult book and the book has an average of 4.3 stars on Goodreads. I think it’s better to go into this book not really knowing the plot line much more than I have described. I will say that the book is told in alternating perspectives between Georgia and Moses, which I really enjoyed and that the book is split into two parts; Before and After. I did feel that some of the writing in the first part was a bit juvenile in some parts, however the main characters are still in high school so that of course does make sense. Although Moses is “broken” and closed off, I felt we really did get to know him by the end of the book. This book is a stand alone; the second book in the series is based off of Tag, who is a character in this book. Overall, I really enjoyed the book and the little plot twists and turns really surprised me towards the end. One of the plot twists I could see coming, as the author dropped little hints, but the others were a surprise. I liked Georgia’s character; she is strong and independent,  but also very comfortable with the cowgirl that she is. I also liked the fantasy/paranormal aspect to this book, which made it a bit more interesting compared to every other book in this genre. The book moves along at a very steady pace and I will admit that I read this book in 2 sittings because I just had to know what would happen next. Also, I recommend buying the paperback version of this book because the cover is quite amazing. So fans of Collen Hoover, I suggest you check out this book and I look forward to reading more from Amy Harmon in the future! Happy reading!






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