Blog Tour: Think Again by Jared Mellinger

Think Again: Relief From The Burden Of Introspection by Jared Mellinger

Published April 10, 2017 by New Growth Press

Genres Nonfiction, Christian

Pages 192

Amazon / Book Depository / Goodreads

Being mindful about who you are and what you are doing isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Evaluating yourself is necessary and can lead to positive change. But what about the dark side of introspection? Do you ever feel weighed down and exhausted by your own self analysis? Perhaps you made a mistake, said a careless word, or even messed up big time. Now you cant get it out of your mind. You keep revisiting what happened. Your mind circles around the event, fruitlessly trying to somehow make the outcome different so that you don’t feel embarrassment, shame, and regret. Jared Mellinger, a pastor and self-confessed struggler with introspection holds out the hope of the gospel for those who, like him, overdose on introspection. Only truly understanding the gospel can rescue us from false guilt, fruitless self-examination, and self-accusation. The only long-term solution to thinking too much about ourselves is when our attention is drawn away from ourselves and Jesus fills our minds eye.

Think Again focuses on a topic that I imagine a great deal of us can relate to; self-examination and unhealthy introspection. The author, Jared Mellinger, is a pastor who has personally struggled with unhealthy introspection and self-accusation. The book is broken down into 13 chapters that include the author’s personal experiences, along with scripture that relates to the topics and other stories that relate. There are also questions for reflection and discussion, such as, “What are the benefits of healthy introspection?” and “What are some of the dangers of unhealthy introspection?”  I found this to be a very interesting and relevant book, especially in a society where we all have times when we become a bit obsessed with ourselves. The author invites readers to focus less on themselves and more on Christ. Overall, I enjoyed this book and found the topic to be very relevant. In a culture where we are constantly focused on ourselves, learning to to turn that focus back to Christ is a very important topic. Thank you to the publisher for sending me an advanced reading copy of this book.

To learn more about Think Again and the author, Jared Mellinger, feel free to visit the book’s homepage.




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