Knoll by Stephen Hillard

Knoll by Stephen Hillard

Published June 6, 2017 by Selectbooks

Genres Fiction, Mystery

Pages 256

Amazon / Goodreads

“Their list keeps getting shorter. Pray you aren’t on it.”  A young protégé of Edward Snowden flees the NSA after she learns that her project (KNOLL) is designed to detect and destroy any person with new facts about the conspiracy to assassinate JFK. The project’s latest target: a small-town attorney, son of a mysteriously murdered cop, who has just discovered his family’s involvement with deceased Mafia Kingpin Carlos Marcello, and the events that day in Dallas. All paths lead to a small Louisiana town that still hides its secrets, and converge on the doorstep of Marcello’s still-active savant of assassins. He is unstoppable. His creed: Omerta Is Forever.

I enjoyed this book, although I did find the beginning to be a bit slow, but it quickly picked up. I marked this as a mystery, but it definitely had many different genres in it including historical fiction, as well as thriller. I  enjoyed the author’s writing and it flowed very well throughout the book. There are two main characters, Bus and Banner, both of which were fairly interesting characters. Bus is a lawyer, while Banner is a NSA data analyst. The story moves along at a steady pace and the story never gets boring. Both Bus and Banner were easy characters to relate to, which always helps me get more invested in a story. Overall, I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed books in the genres of mystery or thriller and it interested in history, the 1960’s or JFK.


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