Blog Tour: No More Perfect Marriages by Mark & Jill Savage

No More Perfect Marriages: Experience The Freedom of Being Real Together by Mark & Jill Savage

Published February 7, 2017 by Moody Publishers

Genres Nonfiction, Self Improvement

Pages 272

Amazon / Book Depository / Goodreads

No marriage is perfect. But every marriage can get better? Do you feel like the spark is gone? Like a critical spirit has invaded your marriage? Like you want more intimacy, but something is in the way? You could be suffering from the Perfection Infection. The Perfection Infection happens when we cultivate unrealistic expectations of ourselves and our spouse, gradually leading to intimacy-killing behavior, also known as the “Seven Slow Fades.” That was the case for Jill and Mark Savage, and it eventually led to infidelity. In No More Perfect Marriages they speak honestly about their struggles, how they came back from betrayal, and the principles keeping their marriage strong today. They guide you in everything you need to know to kick the Perfection Infection right out and return to intimacy. In their warm, honest, personable style, Jill and Mark discuss: How the Perfection Infection invades a marriage—even a good marriage How to detect and correct the Seven Slow Fades How to set and communicate realistic expectations What to do if your spouse just won’t change. Hurting marriages can heal, and good marriages can become great. It takes work, yes, but No More Perfect Marriages will give you the insights, language, and road map you need for the journey. So start today.

Long synopsis, but I wanted to include it for anyone who hadn’t read the description of the book. I have previously only read a few books relating to marriage and most of them are from a Christian perspective. This book is also written from a Christian perspective. This book focuses on helping married couples figure out their individual personalities so that they can improve their interactions and communications with their spouse. It has a lot of good information that can help couples understand why the other person is reacting a particular way or feeling a particular feeling. The book is broken down into 11 chapters that each deal with a particular topic and include a variety of tools, charts, scripture, personal stories from the authors and activities to help readers further understand what is being presented in each chapter. The book contains a great a deal of information to help couples figure our their personality types and use that information to communicate and react in a better way towards each other.

I enjoyed reading this book and think that it presented a great deal of useful information. I do have to say that I don’t think every married couple would find this useful. For example, I date my husband for 7 years before we got married (we’re been married 2 year in July) so we’ve been together for a total of 9 years. We met when he was 21 and I was 23, so I feel like we also did a lot of growing up together, since both of us waited until we were in our mid-twenties to go to college. Anyway, being with someone for that long, I already know exactly what his personality is, as well as my own and their really have not been any surprises in the way we communicate for about 4 years because we know each other so well. However, it was useful to read through the different personality types and look at which ones fit each of us. I would certainly recommend this book to newly married couples or couples who only knew each other for a short time before getting married, I think they would find it the most useful.

Thank you to the publisher for sending me a review copy. You can find out more about the authors, Mark & Jill Savage, by visiting their website here.


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