The Most Misused Stories of The Bible by Eric J. Bargerhuff

The Most Misused Stories of The Bible: Surprising Ways Popular Bible Stories Are Misunderstood by Eric J. Bargerhuff

Published April 18, 2017 by Bethany House Publishers

Genres Nonfiction, Christian

Pages 176

Amazon / Goodreads

A surprising number of popular Bible stories are commonly misused or misunderstood, even by well-intentioned Christians. In this concise yet thorough book, Eric J. Bargerhuff helps you fully understand the meaning of David and Goliath, Jonah and the Big Fish, the Woman Caught in Adultery, and other well-known Bible stories. Providing fascinating historical and scriptural insights, Bargerhuff helps you sort through modern-day distortions of fourteen well-known Bible stories and grasp their original meaning and purpose for us today.

Although I have frequently heard and read about scripture (just a verse or two) being used out of context, I have not read a book about people misusing entire Bible stories. The book contains 14 chapters with each chapter focusing on a popular Bible story, such as Cain and Able, David and Goliath and Jonah and The Big Fish. Each chapter presents a story, with the matching scripture and explains how the story is meant to be interpreted and how it was been misused.There is also a section at the end titled “Conclusion – Handle With Care, Using Scripture Appropriately.” The author talks about how the word of God is precious, as well as a gift from God and therefore needs to be handled with caution as to not misuse certain scriptures and stories. The author also states that the “Bible is a gift from God, it is God’s voice and it is extremely important that we seek to embrace sound interpretive principles in order to hear its message correctly in the context of our believing. Understanding cultural, historical and grammatical issues that go into Biblical interpretation can be challenging at times.” I liked the last part of that statement as I have had more then 1 Pastor explain things to me differently when you take into account cultural and historical issues from the time period when the Bible was written.

I thought this was a very interesting book and I previously have not read anything about entire Bible stories being misused. I did not agree with everything the author wrote, but overall I thought it was fairly interesting and a good reminder to make sure we are using scripture appropriately.

Thank you to the publisher for sending me a review copy of this book.




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