Blog Tour: Israel – God’s Heart: Landscapes and Legacy of Israel by Ron Gafni & Kathleen Barrett

Israel – God’s Heart: Landscapes and Legacy of Israel by Ron Gafni (Aerial Photography) & Kathleen Barrett (Naratives)

Published November 2016 by Skypics

Genres Photography, Nonfiction

Pages 98

Amazon / Goodreads

Many of us only dream of traveling to the Holy Land. Very few, like Israel’s top aerial photographer, Ron Gafni, soar above the craggy mountain ranges of Masada, the salty Dead Sea, and the iconic locations where Jesus walked. “Israel – God’s Heart – Landscapes and Legacy,” beautifully captures the ancient landscapes of this great nation, as well as presents the legacy of God’s Redemption plan for the world. As you slowly turn the pages, you will find unexpected vantage points, such as the Tower of David surrounded by city lights and fast paced cars. And, a hot air balloon floating over a field of cotton. From a bird’s eye view, you will also experience a vibrant, bustling, modern Israel. Biblical references and thoughtful narrative, by Author Kathleen Barrett, intertwines with awe inspiring photography to bring you to the Holy Land time and time again.

I was very excited to receive a review copy of this book, as I not only love photography and work as a photographer, but I especially love landscape photography. A great deal of photographs in this book are also aerial photography, which is especially amazing when including very historical sites. The book also includes landscape photography and closer photographs of historic sites such as the Western Wall. The photography in this book ranges from older historical sites to some of Israel’s more modern ones. Some of the photographs are entire pages, while others are smaller and all have a description of the location, as well as some information about the area being photographed. There is Biblical scripture printed with some of the photographs as well, usually when the scripture can be directly connected with a photograph.

My favorite photographs were of historical sites I have read and heard so much about, such as the Western Wall, Temple Mount, St. George’s Monastery and Scythopolis. I also really liked all the aerial pictures of The Dead Sea. This was a really interesting book, although it is mainly photography, with some narrative explaining each photograph. The photography is amazing and shows a wide range of sites and cities within Israel, from historical and Biblical sites to showing Israel’s more modern side. I included some pictures from the book below.

Thank you to the publisher for sending me a review copy of this book and Litfuse for hosting this blog tour.





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