Blog Tour: Pass It On” A Proverbs Journal for the Next Generation by Champ Thornton

Pass It On: A Proverbs Journal for the Next Generation by Champ Thornton

Published October 30th, 2017 by New Growth Press

Genres Nonfiction, Christian, Theology

Pages 232

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Although the fast-changing world might say otherwise, there is still great value in passing on life lessons to the next generation. Going through the book of Proverbs in bite-size chunks will give users an opportunity to learn God s wisdom and then share that wisdom with the next generation. Pass It On guides users through the book of Proverbs and allows them to create their own, personalized wisdom journal that they can share with someone they love. Answering questions about God s perspective on the world, writing out prayers, and sharing their own stories will give users a way to create a lasting keepsake for themselves and for someone they love. Champ Thornton has created another innovative resource to help strengthen families and grow them in their love for God and each other. There are many different kinds of legacies to leave, but sharing yourself with the next generation, will stand the test of time. This is a perfect gift for an older and wiser friend or relative so they can share themselves and what they have learned about God with the next generation.

First I have to say that this book is gorgeous and the leather is soft and beautiful. The beginning of the book includes an introduction of how to use the book and then there are 31 chapters covering each Proverbs chapter. Each chapter includes a variety of things including a guided tour through the chapter, an at-a-glance section highlighting important verses, the verse in it’s entirety and a reflections and going deeper that asks questions about what was read and how it applies to you personally, with areas to write down the answers. Then there are 3 more sections, connecting the Gospel, personalizing a prayer and sharing your story, that continue asking questions about what was read and more personal questions, along with areas to write down the answers. At the end of the book there is an index where you can look up chapters based on different subjects

Overall, I thought the setup of this book and Proverbs study guide journal is really great and provides so many great questions to help readers think about what they have read and learn to apply it to their life. I personally find that Bible study books and journals are more effective when the author uses questions to fully engage the reader in the subject matter. I think this is an excellent study of the book of Proverbs and provides readers a great set up for really understanding the material they are reading and applying it on a personal level.

Thank you to the publisher, New Growth Press, for sending me a review copy of this book.

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