ARC Review: Take Off Your Shoes by Ben Feder

Take Off Your Shoes by Ben Feder

Published April 11th, 2018 by Radius Book Group

Genres Nonfiction, Memoir

Pages 300

Goodreads / Amazon

Top tech exec Ben Feder was hugely successful as CEO of Take Two Interactive, publisher of the monster-hit video game, Grand Theft Auto. But his hard charging, high-performance business life was taking its toll on his personal and family well-being. That’s when he made the bold and career-threatening decision to take an eight-month family sabbatical in Bali. Illuminating and inspiring, Take Off Your Shoes is Feder’s brutally honest journey of self-rediscovery, his revealing, heartfelt attempt to find personal fulfillment and rebuild family relationships. Exploring brain plasticity and our ability to change our lives by changing our minds, he discovered more meaningful connections to his family and experiences. Now, could he return to his New York City reality and practice compassion and gratitude, engaging in a richer life fiercely and wholeheartedly, and still achieve substantial business success?

This book is the author’s first hand account of the eight-month sabbatical he took in Bali with his family after becoming overwhelmed with the stress and pressures of holding the position of CEO at Take Two Interactive in New York City. This was a very interesting book and I think it’s probably something that a lot of people can relate to, even if they don’t have the luxury of taking a sabbatical in Bali.

It was interesting to read about the family’s routine one they settle into Bali and the healthy changes that they make. Simple things such as yoga, meditation, drawing and a even just a healthier, fresher diet. Both Feder and his family also manage to integrate these practices in their life once they return to their life in New York City.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and it was very interesting to follow the author and his family through their travels and the benefits that it brought to them as individuals and as a family.

Thank you to the publisher, Radius Book Group, for sending me an ARC of this book.

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