May Movie & Documentary Wrap Up

In addition to reading, I love watching documentaries and movies and thought that I would start doing a monthly wrap up post on this blog including the movies I have watched that month. I am going to use the same rating system that I do for books which is on a scale of 1-5, 5 meaning I loved it and 1 meaning I didn’t like it at all. Documentaries are hard to rate, so I think I probably won’t rate them. I will bold any titles that I really loved. I will also clarify the topic of the documentary if it isn’t clear from the title and list where I watched it! Although I also love my TV shows, I really like watching documentaries and non-fiction TV; I like history, as well as current events and I enjoy learning, whether it is through reading or film. I also often watch movies I have seen before while I am working and blogging, so I am only listing movies and documentaries that I haven’t previously seen. So here is my May wrap up for documentaries and movies!

Documentaries & Documentary Series:

-The Last Secrets of 9/11 (Netflix)
-9/11: Secrets, Lies & Conspiracies (Netflix)
-Milk (Amazon Prime)
-Baghdad ER (HBO)
-Something’s Wrong With Aunt Diane (HBO)
-Love Crimes of Kabul (HBO)
-Saving Face (HBO)
-Triangle: Remembering The Fire (HBO)
-Requiem for the Dead: American Spring 2014 (HBO)
-The Abortion Hotline (Amazon Prime)
-Evil Genius (Netflix)


-Fifty Shades Freed 3/5 stars

I really enjoyed Milk on Amazon Prime. As I get ready to try to conceive, I have been watching and reading a LOT in the area of pregnancy and birth. I migrate to the more natural route and I have found so many great books and documentaries. While Milk focuses on breastfeeding, it also goes into other areas of pregnancy, birth and childcare. I found it very interesting and they include perspectives from breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding new moms, so it isn’t completely one-sided. Baghdad ER I actually watched once many years ago and decided to watch it again as I watched a few documentaries related to Memorial Day It is definitely a very raw and unfiltered look into the the doctors, nurses and solider working in the Baghdad ER, as well as the soldiers and the reasons they are there. This documentary is fairly graphic.

The Abortion Hotline is about women in Chile, where abortion is illegal, have set up an abortion hotline that gives women directions on how to preform abortions at home using a medication taken orally. I guess you can compare it the abortion pill, although I am not certain it’s the same medication. This was hard for me to watch, as I am very Pro-Life. Let me explain myself real quick and I don’t really want to get into a debate with anyone about it. I am Pro-Life, so I am against abortion, unless it is medically necessary to save a women’s life, in the cases of rape or incest and in some situations where the fetus isn’t viable. I believe it should only happen under the recommendation of a doctor. In this documentary I heard some very sad stories about women who miscarried and needed a D&C, which doctors wouldn’t preform in it caused major problems for these women. There were many others cases including rape and situations where both the mother and baby were at risk that were very hard to hear about. I find it interesting to watch documentaries on topics like this, where it’s the opposite of what I believe, because sometimes it can shed some light on the topic and help you understand it from other people’s perspectives.

Evil Genius was quite interesting, it is a 4 part docu-series on Netflix about a very interesting robbery and some related crimes. Don’t do too much research if you are going to watch this one, just go right in and watch it.

As always, I love recommendations for movies and documentaries & docu-series so feel free to leave any in the comments!

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