A Few Blog Changes Coming

This is my main blog and beyond a monthly wrap up post about the documentaries and movies I have watched that month, it is entirely book reviews and blog tours. I have been running another blog, where I also mainly post book reviews, but they are mainly children’s books, as I receive quite a few from publishers. And I also publish a few random posts here and there about other topics, including updates on my life and family. As any blogger knows, it is fairly time consuming running one blog, along with other social media such as Twitter and Instagram. So attempting to run a 2nd blog is just too much work.

So a few changes to this blog are coming! Mainly you will see some reviews of children’s books and occasionally Christian books or Bibles, as I do a lot of blogging for Thomas Nelson. And you may occasionally see a post titled “Dillard Family Update” which is just about what is going on in my life at the moment. If either of those aren’t your thing, feel free to just skip right over them. I probably should do a “Meet The Blogger” post one of these days as well. Thanks for reading and when you do see personal posts, feel free to say hi and introduce yourself!

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