July Documentary & Movie Wrap Up

In addition to reading, I love watching documentaries and movies and thought that I would start doing a monthly wrap up post including the movies I have watched that month. I am going to use the same rating system that I do for books which is on a scale of 1-5, 5 meaning I loved it and 1 meaning I didn’t like it at all. Documentaries are hard to rate, so I think I probably won’t rate them. I will bold any titles that I really loved. I will also clarify the topic of the documentary if it isn’t clear from the title and list where I watched it! Although I also love my TV shows, I really like watching documentaries and non-fiction TV; I like history, as well as current events and I enjoy learning, whether it is through reading or film. I also often watch movies I have seen before while I am working and blogging, so I am only listing movies and documentaries that I haven’t previously seen. So here is my July wrap up for documentaries and movies!

Documentaries & Documentary Series:

-American Ripper (History)
-Drew Peterson: An American Murder Mystery (TLC)
-The Man With No Penis (TLC)
-Pregnant and In Chains (Amazon)
-Nova: Secrets of the Sky Tombs (Netflix)
-Secrets of Egypt (History)
-Greatest Ancient Monuments (History)
-The Heart of Nuba (Hulu)


-Geostorm 2/5 stars
-The Accountant 4/5 stars
-The Mummy 3/5 stars
-A Quiet Place 4/5 stars
-Red Sparrow 4/5 stars

So I watched some really good documentaries and movies this month. My favorite documentaries were Nova: Secrets of the Sky Tombs and The Heart of Nuba. I still have yet to do a meet the blogger post, but I have a BA in Anthropology and the professor I worked for in the undergraduate studies is in the Nova documentary, Dr. Eng. I focused mainly on the physical side of anthropology in college, so I spent a great deal of time studying forensic science, osteology and archaeology. I worked an a research assistant for Dr. Eng working on the bones that she had worked on during her first trip to China and the Himalayas. The documentary focuses on her second trip and I had already graduated by then. But it was really cool to see her working in the field and talking about all the things I spent so much time studying. The Heart of Nuba was also really interesting and focused on a doctor who works at a hospital in the Nuba Mountains in Sudan. I definitely recommend watching both of these, as I was not totally aware of what was going on in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan.

Movie wise, my favorites were A Quiet Place, Red Sparrow and The Accountant. A Quiet Place was actually not really what I expected, but I really liked it. It has a few of my favorite actors in it and the plot was really unique. I really liked the way the film was made, although it certainly is very quiet, as the title would suggest so you are reading a lot of subtitles throughout the movie. Red Sparrow surpassed my expectations. I love Jennifer Lawrence as an actress and she did an amazing job with this movie. It is definitely one I am going to have to purchase. The Accountant was not what I expected at all, but it was also very good in an unexpected way. I am glad I listened to my husband when he said he really enjoyed it and decided to watch it.


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