ARC Review: The Infamous Ratsos: Project Fluffy by Kara Lareau, Illustrated by Matt Myers

The Infamous Ratsos: Project Fluffy by Kara Lareau, Illustrated by Matt Myers

Published October 16th, 2018 by Candlewick Press

Genres Children’s, Fiction

Pages 96

Goodreads / Amazon

Louie Ratso tries to help super-cool Chuck Wood win the heart of his friend Fluffy Rabbitski in the third installment of the Infamous Ratsos.

Chuck Wood is the most popular kid in school, and Louie Ratso can’t believe that Chuck has asked him for help! Chuck likes Louie’s friend Fluffy Rabbitski, and he wants Louie to help him get Fluffy to notice him. As for Ralphie Ratso, he can’t believe that his brother wants to spend all his time with Chuck instead of with him. Meanwhile, despite Louie and Chuck’s attempts to get Fluffy’s attention, she has eyes for only one thing: her garden. But there may be hope. As their father, Big Lou, tells his boys, the best way to get someone to like you is to show that you’re interested in what they like. After all, that’s how Big Lou won over Mama Ratso years ago. Can Louie help Chuck find a way into Fluffy’s heart? And will Ralphie find a way to let his brother know how much he misses him?

I have to say I did not really enjoy this book. Don’t get me wrong the writing is fine and the illustrations throughout the book are very cute. My problem with this book lies with the content and the fact that this book is marketed to children ages 5-8 and I most certainly would not let my 5-8 year old read this book. The entire book is focused on one male character trying to get one female character to notice him, because he likes her. I am just going to go ahead and assume that the author doesn’t have children in this age range, with respect. I do not have any children yet, I have nieces and nephews in this age range who I spend a great deal of time with. I usually pass ARCs onto them and I was excited to read this one, as my 7 year old niece is big into reading. But there is no way I am letting her read this one. In my opinion, books for this age range should not be focused on a boy trying to get a girl to like him, it is slightly ridiculous. At one point in the book, they are talking about going on a date. The book would have been really great if the author had focused on the characters making new friends or simply just working on the poetry contest at school, without all the “love” stuffy. This is subject matter that I personally just don’t find appropriate for children in this age range.

Thank you to the publisher, Candlewick Press, for sending me an ARC of this book.

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