October Documentary & Movie Wrap Up

In addition to reading, I love watching documentaries and movies and thought that I would start doing a monthly wrap up post including the movies I have watched that month. I am going to use the same rating system that I do for books which is on a scale of 1-5, 5 meaning I loved it and 1 meaning I didn’t like it at all. Documentaries are hard to rate, so I think I probably won’t rate them. I will bold any titles that I really loved. I will also clarify the topic of the documentary if it isn’t clear from the title and list where I watched it! Although I also love my TV shows, I really like watching documentaries and non-fiction TV; I like history, as well as current events and I enjoy learning, whether it is through reading or film. I also often watch movies I have seen before while I am working and blogging, so I am going to list those under re-watch. So here is my October wrap up for documentaries and movies!

Documentaries & Documentary Series:

-Michel Palin in North Korea (National Geographic)
-American Tragedy (Amazon Prime)
-The Cheshire Murders (HBO)
-The Vanishing Women Season 1 (ID)
-One Born Every Minute Season 1 (Lifetime)


-Blade Runner 2049 2/5 stars
-IT 4/5 stars


-Safe Haven 4/5 stars
-Silence of the Lambs 4/5 stars
-Halloween (2007) 4/5 stars
-Halloween II (2009) 4/5 stars

American Tragedy which is a documentary about Kermit Goslen, was by far the most disturbing documentary that I have watched in quite awhile. I assume everyone knows at least the basic story of Dr. Goslen, if you don’t, do a simple Google search. This documentary spoke to law enforcement officers and others who were involved in the case. They also showed some fairly disturbing photo from the evidence that was found in Dr. Goslen’s clinic. I don’t even really have words for this documentary except tragic. The actions of Dr. Goslen were barbaric at best and it amazes me that he was allowed to keep his medical license when he was associated with patient deaths back at even the beginning of his career. The fact that the State and Health Departments completely ignored multiple, in depth complaints that were placed with them is unbelievable.

I finally watched the movie IT. I have never seen the original miniseries and I was hesitant to watch this remake because IT is one of my favorite books. But I actually really enjoyed it and was surprised at the great job they did with both the casting and the film. I also really enjoyed watching One Born Every Minute on Lifetime and I am excited to watch the second season. I wish they had continued on with the show!


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