ABC Book Challenge: A

Like the Throwback Thursday posts, I have decided to add in the ABC Book Challenge weekly as I go through my very long Goodreads TBR. I have seen variations of this challenge on several bloggers pages, such as and thought I would give it a try. Like a lot of readers, I tend to just click the “To Read” button on Goodreads quite often but never seem to get to all of the books. So I have started sorting through them and will use the book letter challenge each week to add books that I have already read, as well as ones that are still on my TBR. The top book will be one I have already read and the second will be a book still on my TBR!


All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda was one of my favorite books from 2016 and I have since read everything else she has written. This book revolves around the main character Nic and the plot focuses on the disappearance of 2 girls; Corinne, Nic’s best friend who disappeared 10 years ago when they were 18 and Annaleise, Nic’s younger neighbor who disappear right before Nic returns to her hometown. There are a few things that I loved about this book, the first being the format in which the author wrote the book. The book starts in the present and then is told backwards after it flips forward 15 days. It sounds confusing but it worked really well and at that point, was the first time I had ever read a book formatted that way. I also loved the characters and plot twists in this book.


All is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker is one that I have really wanted to read but just haven’t gotten to yet. Emma in the Night was one of my favorite books last year and I have a copy of the author’s upcoming book, The Night Before, which releases in May of 2019 on my Kindle. Jenny Kramer is the main character in All is Not Forgotten. She lives i the small town of Fairview, Connecticut, where everything seems picture perfect, until Jenny is attacked at a local party. In the hours after her attack, she is given a controversial drug that medically erases her memory of the violent assault. The synopsis goes on to say that Jenny’s father becomes obsessed with his inability to find the attacker and the how this effect’s Jenny’s family, as well as her parent’s marriage. I already know that I love the author’s writing and I have seen several reviews on Goodreads where readers have raved about the plot twists and the ending of the book. I am hoping to get to it soon before I read The Night Before.

As always, I would love to hear any feedback about either of these two books or any others that are similar!

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