ARC Review: Better Together: Life is Best with a Friend Like You by Warren Photographic

Better Together: Life is Best with a Friend Like You by Warren Photographic

Published January 22nd, 2019 by Zondervan

Genres Children’s

Pages 128

Goodreads / Amazon


Wouldn’t life be boring if we were all exactly the same? And although each of us is unique, we’re really not so different after all. And it’s our differences that truly make us Better Together. Better Together combines adorable photos of unlikely animal pairs alongside poignant quotes on topics for friends of all stripes on subjects such as love, respect, and compassion. Memorable, wise words alongside sweet photography beautifully and humorously communicate the truth about and magic of friendship—that although we may not be exactly the same, we’re really not so different after all.

This is such a great book between the fun animal photography and all of the great quotes from such a large variety of people, from George Washington to Helen Keller. The quotes focus on a variety of important topics such as unity, friendship and harmony between a diverse population of people. The focus of the quotes in the book focus on strength and unity between people with different lifestyles and beliefs.

There are 7 different chapters with individual themes including Friendship, Unity & Togetherness, Love & Compassion, Respect, Peace & Harmony, Diversity and Triumph & Strength. The pictures include a lot of different animals from a variety of breeds of dogs and cats to rabbits and squirrels. The photography is so adorable with kittens hugging puppies and a baby ducks sitting on top of a kitten. This is a great book filled with lots of valuable quotes and overall a great message.

Thank you to the publisher, Zondervan, for sending me a review copy of this book.


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