ARC Review: God’s Words to Dream On: Bedtime Bible Stories & Prayers by Diane Stortz, Illustrated by Diane Le Feyer

God’s Word to Dream On: Bedtime Bible Stories & Prayers by Diane Stortz, Illustrated by Diane Le Feyer

Published March 26th, 2019 by Thomas Nelson

Genres Children’s, Christian

Pages 224

Goodreads / Amazon


Hearing Bible stories read out loud at bedtime is often a child’s first introduction to spending time with God’s Word—and the effects can last a lifetime. In God’s Words to Dream On, bestselling author Diane Stortz (The Sweetest Story Bible) and incredible illustrator Diane Le Feyer offer a vibrant combination of story and picture with a “once upon a time” voice that stays true to God’s powerful Word. Fifty-two stories take children ages 4–8 through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in a way that helps young readers see God’s plan from before Creation to send Jesus to make the world right again. These carefully chosen stories teach children about God’s provision, love, and strength—the perfect truths to be in their hearts as they drift off to sleep.

I really enjoyed this Bible story book and I imagine children of all ages will as well. The book contains a total of 52 Bible stories; 26 stories from the Old Testament and 26 stories from the New Testament. It includes all of the very well known Bible stories, as well as some that children may not be as familiar with. Each story references the scripture which the story is originally from, a short Bible verse called “God’s Words to Dream On”, a summary of that Bible story in terms that are easier for a child to understand, as well as a “Sleepy-Time Prayer.” Each page includes beautiful, colorful illustrations to go along with the story, as well a “Bedtime Blessing” which is a brief summary of the Bible story that was just read.

I think this is a great Bible story and prayer book for bedtime and I can’t wait to read it to my own son once he is born. The illustrations are beautiful and the stories are the perfect length to keep children engaged.

Thank you to the publisher, Thomas Nelson, for sending me a review copy of this book.




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