June Wrap Up

So I read a total of 10 books this month. The books at the top of the page are books from my personal TBR and I either own them or I borrowed them from the library. The books are the bottom of the page are ARC or review copies that have been sent to me from publishers!

Birth: The Surprising History of How We Are Born by Tina Cassidy 4/5 stars
Natural Hospital Birth: The Best of Both Worlds by Cynthia Gabriel 4/5 stars
Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables by Anthony Williams 2/5 stars
The Crimes of Josef Fritzl: Uncovering the Truth by Stefanie Marsh 3/5 stars
The Healthy Pregnancy Book: Month to Month, Everything You Need to Know from America’s Baby Experts by William Sears & Martha Sears 4/5 stars
Elevation by Stephen King 3/5 stars

Confronting Old Testament Controversies by Tremper Longman III 3/5 stars
Joyful Surrender: 7 Discipline for the Believer’s Life by Elisabeth Elliot 4/5 stars
The Last House Guest by Megan Miranda 3/5 stars
Ella May Does It Her Way by Mick Jackson 3/5 stars
Loving My Actual Neighbor: 7 Practices to Treasure the People Right in Front of You by Alexandra Kuykendall 4/5 stars


As you can see, I am still trying to fit in quite a few pregnancy and birthing books since I am currently 29 weeks pregnant. I was slightly disappointed by Elevation by Stephen King for a few different reasons, mainly because I don’t need politics in my fiction. As far as ARCs go, The Last House Guest by Megan Miranda was also a slight disappoint, as I really loved her 2 previous adult thrillers. My reading has been sporadic and I haven’t been following a TBR at all. I am finishing up my last few ARCs in July and not accepting anymore until after baby is born in September. I have to say, I am actually really excited to not read any ARCs for a while and just pick whatever I want off of my bookshelf for a few months!

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