July Documentary, Movie & TV Wrap Up

In addition to reading, I love watching documentaries and movies and thought that I would start doing a monthly wrap up post including the movies I have watched that month. I am going to use the same rating system that I do for books which is on a scale of 1-5, 5 meaning I loved it and 1 meaning I didn’t like it at all. Documentaries are hard to rate, so I think I probably won’t rate them. I will bold any titles that I really loved. I will also clarify the topic of the documentary if it isn’t clear from the title and list where I watched it! Although I also love my TV shows, I really like watching documentaries and non-fiction TV; I like history, as well as current events and I enjoy learning, whether it is through reading or film. I also often watch movies I have seen before while I am working and blogging, so I am going to list those under re-watch. I’ve also decided to add on the TV shows that I have also watched during the month. So here is my July wrap up for documentaries and movies!

Documentaries & Docuseries:

Seconds From Disaster: Asian Tsunami, Fukushima, American Embassy Kenya (Amazon)
I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth vs. Michelle Carter (HBO)
Day The Dinosaurs Died (Amazon)
Thai Cave Rescue (Netflix)
The Substance: Albert Hoffman’s LSD (Gaia Channel Trial – Amazon)


Robin Hood (2018) (HBO) 4/5 stars
Pet Semetary (Redbox) 3/5 stars
The Standoff at Swallow Creek (Amazon) 2.5/5 stars



Chicago Fire Season 2
Chicago Fire: Season 3
Chicago PD: Season 1


I have always wanted to watch Chicago Fire and PD, but was so far behind that I just never did. And you can’t stream the older seasons anywhere, unless you want to pay $24.99 a season on Amazon. I was just about to order the DVD from Amazon, when I thought, wait a second, the library has a huge selection of DVDs. I never think to rent movies from my library, only books, but they have every season of pretty much every show you could ever want to watch. Just another reason that library’s are amazing. So I am trying to catch up on both shows before the new seasons start this fall. Which hasn’t been too hard to do since I am 34 weeks pregnant and exhausted haha! I am always looking for movie and documentary recommendations, so feel free to leave any you have watched and loved recently in the comments!

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