November Documentary, Film & TV Wrap Up

In addition to reading, I love watching documentaries and movies and thought that I would start doing a monthly wrap up post including the movies I have watched that month. I am going to use the same rating system that I do for books which is on a scale of 1-5, 5 meaning I loved it and 1 meaning I didn’t like it at all. Documentaries are hard to rate, so I think I probably won’t rate them. I will bold any titles that I really loved. I will also clarify the topic of the documentary if it isn’t clear from the title and list where I watched it! Although I also love my TV shows, I really like watching documentaries and non-fiction TV; I like history, as well as current events and I enjoy learning, whether it is through reading or film. I also often watch movies I have seen before while I am working and blogging, so I am going to list those under re-watch. I’ve also decided to add on the TV shows that I have also watched during the month. 

Documentaries & Documentary Series:

-Fire in Paradise (Netflix)

-Nova: Inside the Megafire (Amazon)
-Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic (Disney+)
-Easter Island Uncovered (Disney +)

-Stonehenge Decoded: Secrets Revealed (Disney +)

-Titanic: 20 Years With James Cameron (Disney+)

-Rotten: Troubled Waters (Netflix)

-Rotten: Big Bird (Netflix)

-Rotten: High on Edibles (Netflix)

-Rotten: The Avocado War (Netflix) 


-Glass (HBO) 4/5 stars

-Captain America: The First Avenger (Disney +) 3.5/5 stars


-Swiss Family Robinson (1960) (Disney +) 3/5 stars


-Diagnosis Season 1 (Netflix) 4/5 stars

-Looking for Alaska (Hulu) 4/5 stara


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