ARC Review: Daring to Live by Sheri Hunter

Daring to Live: How the Power of Sisterhood and Taking Risks Can Jump-Start Your Joy by Sheri Hunter

Published February 18th, 2020 by Baker Books

Genres Nonfiction, Memoir, Christian

Pages 224

Source Review copy provided by the publisher, Baker Books

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When her husband, Mannard, unexpectedly passed away at just 50 years of age, Sheri Hunter was devastated. With her whole world falling down around her, she turned to her friends. Years before, she and these Dare Divas had gone on a whitewater rafting trip. Now they sought out other adventures–zip-lining, skydiving, mountain climbing, and more. Through these death-defying activities and the unwavering support of her friends, Sheri slowly found the strength to move forward in life. More than just a memoir, this empowering female travelogue pairs emotionally resonant, confessional storytelling with spiritual takeaways, challenging readers to engage fully in their own lives, surround themselves with friends who will support them, and face life’s challenges with courage and faith. If you’ve ever experienced a sudden loss or upheaval in life, Sheri’s story will reassure you that even if life as you knew it is over, the future God has for you is always full of new adventures.

I don’t read a lot of memoirs but I enjoyed Daring to Live, as it focused more on faith, friends and traveling. The author lost her husband at a young age and rather than sinking into her grief alone, she decided to join 3 of her friends, the Dare Divas on some big adventures. Throughout the book, Hunter not only talks about her travels and adventures with friends, but also incorporates Biblical concepts into these experiences. The author is honest about her grief and struggles along the way. I enjoyed hearing about how Hunter chose to live fully, finding joy along the way after going through a devastating tragedy.

Thank you to the publisher, Baker Books, for sending me a review copy of this book.

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